News from HR Base Camp — Issue 10
Feature One
How Strong is Your Employee Cell Phone Policy?

Regulating employee cell phone usage is a tricky topic. On the one hand, your employees are adults who should understand what's appropriate. On the other hand, it's your responsibility to uphold patient care standards and prevent HIPAA violations and other snafus that inappropriate cell phone usage can cause. Here's what you need to consider.

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Feature Two

Independent Contractors May Cost You More than Employees

A strip club recently learned a hard and expensive lesson about the difference between “independent contractors” and “employees.” Why does this matter to you? Because whether you employ doctors or dancers, there are rules you need to follow. Here's why “everyone does it that way!” isn't a sound legal strategy.

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Feature Three

What Does HR Have to Do With the “Mark of the Beast”?

HR is full of fascinating stories, and one we've heard recently involves biometric time clocking and the “Mark of the Beast” discussed in the Book of Revelations. But wait… what does the Bible have to do with tracking employees' time? Read on for guidance that could help you if any employee requests a religious accommodation.

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Feature Four
Don't Worry, Be Happy?

Studies keep showing that positivity leads to productivity. This doesn't mean you need to tap-dance into the office each day, but these simple steps can help us all lower stress and increase work happiness.

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Feature Five

Protect Your Valuable Assets

CEDR co-founder Douglass Lodmell discusses asset protection and being an entrepreneur during a recent interview with's John Bowen. Learn what factors you must consider when protecting your assets.

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Feature Six


Time to renew your team's HIPAA training! Luckily, compliance is easy with our user-friendly training at Get $50 off right now with code YHT50. Discount expires 6/30/15.

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